A Guide To The Fake ID Forums

To preface, this guide is an overall begginers guide to ordering and forums like FakeIdVendors and FakeIdList
Frequently used terms:

  1. Vendor – Refers to someone who produces IDs that can be purchased.
  2. Reseller – Refers to someone that sells IDs bought from a vendor.
  3. VVL – Verified Vendors List, only vendors that are reputable are allowed on this list.
  4. ISP – In-State Passable, refers to an ID that can pass in in its own state.
  5. OOS – Out-of-state, refers to an ID that is from a different state than it will be used in.
  6. O21 – Represents an Over-21 ID.
  7. U21 – Represents an Under-21 ID.
  8. nXX – Such as nCA, this means the new California template, or the one currently in distribution.
  9. oXX - Such as oCA, this means the old California template, or one that is not in distribution.
  10. UV – Ultraviolet ink is a security feature on many IDs.
  11. Holo – Holograms are a security feature on many IDs.
  12. OVI – Optically-variable-ink is a security feature on many IDs.
  13. Scan – All verified vendors produce IDs that scan, meaning they have barcodes that can be read by a barcode scanner.
  14. PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride, the base material of many IDs.
  15. Teslin – The base material of most of the newer IDs.
  16. PC – Polycarbonate, the base material of some of the newer IDs.
  17. Template – A Photoshop document that vendors use to print IDs.
  18. Physical – An actual ID that is not fake which is used for template making and review purposes.
  19. Scans – A scan of an actual ID that is not fake which is used for template making and review purposes.
  20. Crypto – Any form of cryptocurrency.
  21. BTC – Bitcoin.
  22. ETH – Ethereum.
  23. WU – Western Union.
  24. PP – PayPal
  25. Stealth – Refers to how hidden your IDs are in the packaging they are shipped in. Not to be discussed publicly

How do I take my photo?
One of the most important things to get right is your photo that will be displayed on your ID. If this is done incorrectly, no matter how amazing the template for the ID is, your ID could render useless if you screw this up. The first thing you’re going to want to do is find a white wall and turn on all the lights. Have a friend hold the camera around a meter away from you so they can capture your navel region and up, making sure your hair is pulled as close to your body as possible as loose hairs are harder to deal with in Photoshop.

How do I do my signature?
The second most important thing you have to do is get your signature correct. Get yourself a plain sheet of white paper without creases. Use a fine-tip pen to write your signature and then scan it using a high quality scanner or use your phone to take a photo, making sure that no shadows are cast on the signature to make it easier to photoshop.

Which state should I choose?
This is one of the most common questions you’ll see, and most of the time there really isn’t a definitive answer. A general rule of thumb is to not use an ID from the state you are residing unless you find one that is labeled ISP and to get one from a bordering state. To find an ID that is ISP, look through the forums for reviews.

Which vendor should I use?
Another one of the most common questions, and again there’s no definitive answer. After finding the state you want your ID to be from, start looking through reviews of IDs from vendors on the VVL to understand the different qualities and prices of their products. If you have any questions, the chat is a great way to reach members of the community that have experience reviewing IDs.

How do I purchase Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is one of the most popular methods of paying for an ID; transactions can be verified faster than most traditional payment methods and there are sometimes discounts for paying in BTC. The first thing you are going to need to purchase BTC is something called a wallet, this is where you will store the Bitcoin you purchase. Two of the most popular wallets are Electrum and Exodus, search them up if you have any questions. Once you have your wallet, head over to either or and create an account. Both of these services require you to enter a phone number and usually a form of identification. Once you’ve been verified, you can purchase Bitcoin using one of the many payment methods listed on the site from a seller. These sellers are real people rather than an automated exchange.

How do I pay using Western Union?
Western Union is another one of the most popular methods of paying for an ID; transactions will take longer but it is easier for a lot of people than to purchase BTC. The first thing you’re going to want to do is head over to and find a location you can go to. After submitting your order for your IDs, you will be given payment information that you will enter at any qualifying WU locations. Make sure to follow their directions exactly or you could risk not fulfilling the payment completely.