Beware Of Fake ID Scam Sites

Many people today in the fake Id business are scammers. Many buyers lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a day by ordering fake ids from websites they see on google. It is very important you carefully do your research when it comes to ordering your fake ids.


There are many sources you can refer to when trying to order your Ids. After the fake Id Reddit page was banned. There has been many forums and review sites to guide buyers correctly on how to buy and where to buy fake ids. This doesn’t mean every review site is also legit. There are many fake Id review websites ran by scammers who own most of the websites. For example: fidreview & fakeidboss promote the sites idhurry, idsbuddy and fakeyourid. These are the top sites people buy from because they where misguided and told false information. Always look to see if you can post comments on fake I’d review sites. These fake I’d review sites also steal reviews and posts made on other forums. Always use or for reference on verified fake Id vendors.

Now people who actually care about there money do research about verified sellers. You can’t blame some people who did research and just happens to find a scam review site and make there judgments and orders from there references. Which brings me to my next point.


Seo scammers are sites who dominate the first page on google. When your search popular key words including “fake Ids” , “scannable fake ids” (etc). The first couple sites are all scammers. Kingoffakes, idhurry, idsbuddy, Fakeyourid, allstatefakes, chfake, fakeidcanada, FakeIdAustralia. The list goes on and on.

Many of these scammers spend thousands of dollars to keep there websites on the first page on google. Now someone that has done little to no research have a 80-90% chance of buying from first site on google. Having these scam sites rank first page on google automatically gives the user a blind trust towards the site.

It is very important to make sure you do research when buying s Fake id. Do not wake up one day and say, “I want to buy a fake Id” and make your purchase within 10-15 minutes if the first site you find. Please do research, or ask someone for reference if they have bought from vendor before. These scammers do not deserve your money. You should enjoy buying alcohol and experience the college life.

Please refer here to see a huge list of all the fake id scammers: