How To Resell Scannable Fake IDs To Your Friends

You need three (2 maybe if you like work) things from the buyers to resell. In order of importance money, photo and sig.

So I employee someone from photography department to go and take the photos and I pay him to do this. He/she follows this guide and takes the photo on a good ass camera. Next he or she collects the money from the kids and their room number. If they don't pay say get the fuck out, you got into this for the money and just don't fuck with that. Get the money upfront. Then I have the kids sign on a piece of paper in sharpie and the photographer goes and scans it and puts each person in a file on a usb stick with what state they want. I make a list they can choose from.

So ordering is super dependent on how many people there are and what states they choose. I do enough volume to get resellers rates most places and I would recommend that for you also. Don't do this if you are doing 5 orders a week. Next step is making sure your bitcoin dealer has enough to transfer to you. I do this privately but use local bitcoins or Paxful and try and stay away from Coinbase ( they will fuck you over in a moments notice). Either way just make sure you have enough money in BTC before you start entering info. I do this by hand but there is probably a better way. Go and order the IDs then. Just buy enough IDs so you get reseller prices and go make another account if you have enough IDs to fill another reseller account.

Shipping is your crux of the operation. I have the IDs ship to a reshipper, a old friend from back home or someone you trust not to fuck you over. I rotate through 2 a semester. And for the love of god don't check the tracking without following everything in the DMN buyers guide.

So now you have the IDs and you need to get the people their expensive pieces of plastic. I have a courier (college is full of cheap labor, go use it) that drops them off and I rotate couriers every order and they also have no idea who I am. I use a blind drop for the IDs and his/her payment. Go have a friend find the courier and email them the info they need.

If you aren't doing about 10-15 IDs a week don't get into this. First weeks of college is fucking insane so don't think you will get that volume all the time. It's not common for me to get 200 orders a week first weeks of college. Just be prepared and keep a calm head even though fat bitches love to scream at your photographer that they aren't paying till they get their ID.

Final words of advice. Pay your photographer well, he/she does a huge amount of work for you. I pay mine 5 bucks a person. Have the customers pay upfront. This is a major one. Be careful remember this is illegal.