How To Take A Picture For Your Fake ID

By deadmidgit

USE A BLUE OR WHITE BACKDROP This is essential as it is very hard to edit your photos if the background is too similar to the foreground or is not a solid color. Use a posterboard or find a flat, non-textured, non-reflective white wall and WEAR A DIFFERENT COLOR. The different color is important but also make sure it's something you would wear the the DMV
USE A REAL DIGITAL CAMERA IF YOU CAN A phone can take pretty good pictures IF it's a newer phone. I mean like a iPhone 7 or up. Samsung and other phone someone comment and I will change the post. If you have access to a good camera use it and your fake will be better for it.

PROPER LIGHTING Make sure that you are in a well lit room, without overbearing lights. Overhead lights such as florescent lights are perfect and will help eliminate internal shadows. You also should not be in a dark room where the flash is the only thing lighting it up.
DIRECT FLASH Remember when they took your real ID photo? Remember the blindly flash directly in your face? It’s called DIRECT FLASH and you should also use it. However, do not washout the picture or overexpose it with the flash, just find a good balance. If you have shorter hair, you should see relatively symmetrical shadows behind both ears.

BRUSH/STRAIGHTEN HAIR This is mostly for girls, but also for guys with those luscious locks. It makes it much harder to edit your photo if you have stray hairs everywhere. Just do something so there no stray hairs in front of your face.
DON’T LOOK DRUNK/HIGH I see this far too often. You wouldn’t go to DMV for your real ID drunk/stoned so just make yourself look sober.

ADJUST THE BACKDROP You’ll have to change this for people of different heights. Don’t be lazy. Simply make sure that the backdrop covers from a couple inches above the head to at least upper chest area.
FIND CORRECT DISTANCE This carries two parts. First, make sure you are far/close enough to fit just above the head to the middle chest area in the photo. No more, no less is needed. The second part is making sure the flash looks good. You may need to play around with distance.

BACK AGAINST THE WALL, HEAD FORWARD Please for the love of christ, KEEP YOUR HEAD FORWARD. You want to be looking straight ahead at the camera like you would at DMV, but make sure your back is flat against your backdrop.
TRIPLE FUCKING CHECK It does not cost extra to retake a digital photo. If it does not look like a photo that would COME FROM DMV then simply take it again and play around with it until it follows these rules and looks good.


  1. DO NOT Photoshop yourself
  2. DO NOT Take a selfie
  3. DO NOT Take a photo of a photo
  4. DO NOT Have a large smile
  5. DO NOT Wear a hat

Just for the sake of all the RTP workers out there try and have a good photo and at all cost do not photoshop your picture. Just follow these rules and you’re guaranteed to have a least a half decent photo that will turn out well.