Navigating Dove IDs

The first step ANY successful fake ID purchase is to take a quality photo. This is easy and detailed more in other blog posts. However, if you’re lazy here’s the run down:

  1. Use a real camera with the flash on (no phones)
  2. Stand on a solid-color background
  3. Wear dark clothes (for easier photo shopping)
  4. Stand about 4 ft away when taking the picture
Aim to mimic what you would have done at the DMV.

After navigating through the headache of getting everyone’s pictures taken, you can begin the ordering process.

What you need:

  1. Picture of yourself or whoever you’re ordering for
  2. Picture of your signature (or use Dove’s lovely integrated signature pad)
  3. Full name (suggest using your real name for legal purposes)
  4. An address in the state you’re getting the ID from (check for easy address access)
  5. All the information that appears on a real ID (height, weight, eye color, etc.)

Click on order and choose which state you want (recommend TN from all the reviews). Enter in all the desired information that is on the form. When entering the address and zip code, enter an address and zip code that are real and in the state you are ordering from. Do not enter the address that you are shipping to (that comes in later). After filling in all the information attach the pictures of yourself and your signature (make sure that it is .JPG, not .JPEG or .PNG). After uploading the images click add to cart. NOTE: Once added you CANNOT go back and edit the information. The only way to change the information is to delete it under the ACCOUNT section.

To add a second ID to the same order, click on order again and repeat the aforementioned process. With each ID you add the order purchase total will decrease in price per id in accordance with the deals listed on the Info page. It pays to have more people go in on one order (it will save you a lot of money, plus it’s more fun to drink with friends).

Once you have finished carefully checking and adding all the desired IDs to your order, click on account (will automatically take you there each time you add an order), scroll to the bottom, and fill in your real information and address that you want your IDs sent to. Check this carefully so they do not get sent to the wrong address.

Once done, click finish and you will be forwarded to the payment page. Do not click finish if you are uncertain of any information, as there is no going back at this point and Dove assumes no liability for information that was entered incorrectly.

You can pay using either bitcoin or Western Union. Bitcoin is recommended as it is faster to process and cheaper. A bitcoin address will be provided to send the money to as well as the amount in bitcoin to send. If you chose to Western Union note that you will be charged a 15% upcharge on your order. Choosing western union will provide you with a Name, Country, and all other needed information to send the money at a Western Union kiosk.

There are detailed guides available on purchasing and sending bitcoin, as well as on using Western Union. Best of luck with your orders and enjoy your drinks