Your first scannable fake ids:

So you’re looking at getting yourself a fake, the first choice you will be met with is finding which state you’re going to choose for yourself.

Everyone usually jumps to the state they are in, however almost no ID is instate passable(excpet dove TN) and it’s a larger risk. Think about how many IDs you have seen from the state your in, multiply that number by ten-thousand, that's a rough guess how many someone checking your ID has seen it. A good place to start is looking at the states surrounding yours, these would all be fairly good choices. In addition to those states, highly populated ones like TN, OR, NJ, MO are good options too. If you have previously lived in another state that would be an obvious go to as well. Think about states that would blend into your area, such as a Nevada in Arizona, there would be no questioning it. Your worst enemy is small talk here, the odd chance that you get questioned about your home state when you’re not from it is a real killer. Usually it is not hard to bullshit but it has come to bite me in the ass in the past. It’s also important to look at a few reviews for your ID, many people take the time to write reviews, uploading pictures and comparing IDS to rate them on various forums. Looking at these can help you choose a better state for you. In my own opinion, I would place ID quality from reviews at the top. Once you find the state you want it’s time to move onto the next step.

Taking a Pic for your fake ID. The picture you take is one of the only things you can control going into the ID so why not take a nice one. The most important aspects are no shadows on your face, take the pic straight on, use flash, and have a plain background. I usually compare a photo I take with the photo on my real drivers license and see if the angles and my face look similar in both. Don't worry about the eyeshadow, the ID vendor will add this in for you. Another important tip is to wear a bold single colored shirt, this will make the photoshop easier. With these tips it should turn out fine. On the other hand, it’ll be very apparent if you were missing any of those things. It’s your ID so definitely put in the extra couple minutes to take a top notch photo for this ID.

You will also want to submit a signature, trust me it will turn out nicer if you submit a signature. My goto for signatures is snapchat, taking a picture of nothing/all black and then using a white pen on it. You can pinch with two fingers to make the size of the pen smaller or thinner. Make it just a bit smaller so its slim, then go ahead and sign away. Make sure the whole signature fits in the screen then save it and upload it to your computer. Uploading a signature will be nicer than using a signature box built into a website or having one automatically generated for you.
With this info you should be able to properly select and fill out the form for any ID you choose, good luck and have fun

Using your fake for the first time
When using your ID for the first time, remember to be relaxed and calm as the worst thing the clerk could do is take your ID and you walk out. Personally, I start by trying to find a chain supermarket or store that sells alcohol nearby. Avoiding local liquor stores is key due to the owners caring significantly more. Usually supermarkets also have lower prices on liquor, they also sell almost anything you would want as a chaser. In my own experience, CVS sells party packs of ICE cheapest and are almost everywhere. I would usually avoid Walgreens because of their lack of selection. Once you go to the store, go in alone (be careful, most places will group ID you, meaning they will ask everyone with you for their ID’s too, even if they are behind you in line) and usually before like 10 pm just because some places will stop selling alcohol after 10 pm. When I get to the counter, I will start by making small talk like, “How’s your day so far?” or “Have any fun plans for the weekend?” this will make them more comfortable and more lenient. If the checker makes small talk with you back, remember they are people too and it is okay to talk back to them just do not be awkward or rude. Also, personally, I like to choose the checker who appears to be younger or the youngest. Most times the checker does not really care, but if you act annoying or impolite, it will tip them off. A big thing is to have your birthday on your ID memorized, (most people will have their real birthday with the year changed) especially the year just incase they hold your ID up and ask for your birthday. If the clerk does not believe your ID is real, ask and see if you can get it back from them and leave the store politely. If they refuse to give you your ID back, do not make a big deal as they have every right to decline selling alcohol to you and/or take your ID. The more cooperative you are with them, the less repercussions you will face. A important thing to keep in mind is to be mindful of how much alcohol your buying. If you are buying many bottles, like six fifths, two racks of beer and a party pack, it may be wise to split up the purchase and not buy so much at one time. This can be off-putting to some clerks as it can seem like you are buying alcohol for other people. This is key especially if it is your first time buying or you are still not quite confident in buying. When walking out of the store with your purchase, it is wise to either pay for a bag or bring one of your own to put it in. No one outside needs to know you just bought alcohol as this can tip off someone of authority to see your ID. If you bought multiple bottles, the clanking and weight of them can also be annoying so it may be in your benefit to bring or buy multiple bags.

Reselling IDs
Reselling fake IDs can be a great way to make a couple extra dollars. First, make sure you know the whole order process works, having ordered a few before would be a nice start. Then move to organizing or finding a group of people who want IDs, offer to order for them. The better you organize the info the easier it will be placing the order itself. Try to make things as straightforward for yourself as possible to limit any chance of error. For a group start by collect all of their info for the ID (photo, first and last name, birthday ect.). Assigning a single ring leader for the group usually helps, that way people do not come to you with their questions, but instead to him/her. I also have the ringleader collect the payment and deal with that aspect of collection. For the info submitted I always make it very clear that I am not responsible if they fill it out wrong or if they use a bad photo. People are dumb and will make things difficult, do not spend too much time worrying and just let them suffer the consequences. Obviously you want to profit from this process so make sure to break down pricing beforehand, make it clear to people that the price will drop a little if they have a larger group. look into reseller programs where vendors will reward you with larger discounts if you sell a certain amount of IDs. Generally you would want to decide if you want to build a name for yourself for providing IDs that are cheap or IDs that are quality. There are pros and cons to both, look into vendors that will support you based on whichever you choose. A way I have used to incentivise people to increase their group is to tell them that if they have a certain amount of people, their ID is either cheaper or even free. Just make sure to work out with your profits that you’ll still be in the positive. If you haven’t taken a basic econ class then prepare to learn about supply and demand, sometimes dropping the price of the ID is worth it to incentivise more people to buy from you as you have cheaper IDs than some other people. With this, these people will be more likely to reference you to their friends who also want to buy IDs. Through this you will grow your client base. After ordering I never deal with the people themselves, have the single group member who organized the whole fiasco take care of it. Having to hand IDs out to people is a pain in the ass and you do not want to deal with it. If you must mail IDs use the cardstock envelopes that you pay to send like a package, they are more durable and won't break in the sorting machines. Most importantly, be cautious and make it clear you are not making the IDs just ordering them.