Using Your New Fake ID

1. Believe in the ID- This is important, the ID is 25-50% of getting what you want. The rest is you and where you go. You are a adult just like the piece of plastic says so act like it and believe it because its supposed to be real, right?

2. Dressing and acting like a adult- Don't come into the store looking like shit or goth or some youthful cult, you are a adult looking for your vice after a hard day of work. Don't bring in a bunch of friends unless they are buying/going the same thing. ie like they are also buying a six pack or going into the club with you. You are a working adult so dress like it and act like it.

3. Drink choice- There is some debate here but this guide is written by me so I will write my opinion. Avoid childish drinks like Four Lokos or like piss water beer or cheap ass vodka, things just to get you wasted. You can do this once you are comfortable and used to using your fake. Until then go with adult drinks. Sipping whiskey or craft beers or something your dad would drink on a night out. Something classy is what I like to call it.

4. Picking a place to go- First time using a fake? Hit up a gas station or discount liquor stores. Neither of these places care to much as long as you have your ID. Don't try a club as your first just don't. Also avoid box scanners like a leper colony(look them up its actually quite interesting).

5. DON'T BE A PUSSY! Be confident and act as if you belong