Frequently Asked Questions

Current Turnaround Time

Our current turnaround time for orders that pay with BTC is about a week and a half or less. Orders that pay with WU may take about a week longer.

Group Orders!

On our product page when viewing "more info" about a product, you will the that all products have different prices for groups of 3-9 and 10 or more. If you have a group over 25 we maybe able to give you a better discount depending on which state you are ordering! Send an inquiry about discounts on 25+ orders to [email protected], please include what state you will be ordering for the group

Is Shipping Free?

Yes! We have a Free Shipping option which can take 1 to 3 weeks. We also have an Express Shipping option which takes less than 10 days and cost an extra $40 on top of your order total

Issue With Order?

Contact us if there is an issue with your order and we will do our best to fix whatever the issue is. Make a ticket on the site with all and be sure to include all your order information like Order Number, Account email, etc..

Shipping Methods

We use discrete shipping methods and a variety of different shipping services!


We currently accpet Bitcoin and Western Union! WU orders are charged 15% more upon check out and take about a week and a half longer to process than BTC orders. Pay with btc to get your ID super quick, unsure how? Learn in the blog section of this site!


Don't worry about getting your ID snatched by customs when you order from us! Regular shipping takes about 1-3 weeks. Priority shipping cost an extra $50 and can take a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 10 days! Express shipping cost an extra $200 and gets to you in maximum 5days from payment!

Reselling Rates

If you can get a friend to order with you it will lower the cost of the fake IDs. Get a few more friends and the price will get even lower. Get a large group of friends and the price will be super cheap! Reselling Rates are listed on our product page and we have a blog post about how to resell safely if you are unsure!

Signature Guide

We recommend using the signature creator on our site. However if you are not able to do this, use a black sharpie on a plain white piece of paper then take a picture of it with the flash on! Please try to keep your signature simple.

Picture Guide

Try your best to copy your real ID picture. Stand against a white wall, wear dark colors and have a friend stand about 4-5ft away taking the picture with the flash on! Try to have no shadows behind you or on your face. PHOTO SHOULD BE UNDER 1MB.

Bitcoin Guide

You can easily buy Bitcoin buy googling "where to buy bitcoin". Once you purchase it, it is best to download a bitcoin wallet like Electrum or Exodus. Then simply send the bitcoin to your wallet then send the bitcoin to the bitcoin address our site gives you. Once the bitcoin has been completely sent to our address your order will then be marked as paid.